Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'M STILL HERE...............

I started to knit a swatch for a hubby sweater this morning. This is KnitPicks Shamrock yarn in OReilly. Ever since I finished my kangaroo pocket sweater last fall, he keeps asking me to make him one. I will see if he likes this yarn before starting it. He is such a big fan of my knitting! How lucky can a girl get?
I have just had a few crazy weeks and haven't been able to finish anything. Once again, I find myself in the middle of a bunch of projects that are almost done but can't seem to be able to finish just one thing. Instead, I jump from project to project - finishing an inch here and a sleeve there but never quite getting one thing done. Also, one of my projects needs to be steeked before I can knit any more - A process that always slows me down. I need a large glass of wine or to be in an absolutely courageous mood to actually cut through my knitting!
My sweet daughter fell and broke her ankle last week. She has been in so much pain! I got over there last week for a few days to help out around the house and keep her company but wish I could just stay by her side. I knit a little while I was there but my concern for her far outweighed my need to knit. I think that is why my knitting is so scattered in the last few weeks - worry always gives me attention problems.

I just started reading this new novel about knitting. I read somewhere that Julia Roberts has already signed on to play the lead in the movie! I guess she is quite an accomplished knitter herself. So far, it is really good and will let you know how it is when I am finished.
I ordered 2 new knitting books this week - the new Stephanie Pearl McPhee book - Cast Off and More Sensational Knitted Socks. I'll review them in a later blog.
TaTa for now! Sue

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Kitties with gemstone collars on a size 2T kids sweater!! I put 2 patterns together and got this really cute sweater. I started with Sandnes Barn book 0308 - Sweater with Ruffles and added the fair isle kitties from Sadnes Design Nr 34.

Isn't it sweet - Knit in Knit Picks Merino Style yarn in Petal Pink. Size 4 needles (whew - glad to be off of the size 0 and 1's for a change!) I love the ruffles on the sleeve and the seed stitch rows.
I found the collar strings of dark pink gemstones at WalMart. I knew that I had to add them for perfect contrast and just the right touch to make this a girly-girly sweater.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Dear Yarn Goddess,
I know that I have turned my back on you and have spent the last 3 months not worshipping you as I should. I have refrained from adding lovely, soft, and vibrant yarns to my overflowing stash. No matter what the price or need to buy, I have abstained from all knitting shops and on-line yarn sales. This is my apology and hope that you will correct my yarn karma to me.
I tried. I went to my favorite yarn store last Sunday and tried desperately to add to my yarn collection but alas they did not have color or texture that called to my senses. Hubby held my shopping basket with anticipation as I fondled and pleaded for the right colors - but to no avail. Darling Husband was also disappointed in me when I walked out empty handed.
So, I ordered online. A sale on Dale of Norway Baby Ull at 20 % off made my credit card fly from my purse and although it was a small purchase, I felt that I had regained my yarn mania in some small way. An e-mail from the company quickly followed stating that they were out of the color that I had ordered but it would be coming in in the next shipment and I should receive my peach Baby Ull within 10 days. I waited with baited breath and on Friday my package arrived. I ripped open the package to find THE WRONG COLOR!!! They had sent me baby pink instead of baby peach - a flurry of e-mails ensued and my correct order is already in the mail.
Once again, I apologize for my insensitive treatment of you. I will get back on the wagon and begin to increase my stash beyond human imagination. I know that I still have many closets and areas for hiding the growing yarn collection and I will work diligently to restore my good name with you. Please allow the correct color of Baby Ull to land upon my doorstep so that I may finish a lovely baby sweater and I will be forever in your debt.
Your friend in yarn, Sue

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Here is Dale of Norway NR 135-#13505 - my bringing home baby boy set. A few weeks ago, I finished the bringing home baby girl set and needed to knit up something baby blue. Knit on size 1 knitting needles, this set was a breeze. Time consuming - but worth every minute! Baby Ull makes this outfit sooooo soft that I want one.
I love the Baby Ull yarn for it's softness and the color palette doesn't change. Dale of Norway is great at keeping their baby yarn the same every year so that you don't have to run out and buy a different shade of red for the new designs.
After showing off my grandbaby trousseau to a dear friend, she kindly pointed out that most of the knitting I had done was mainly for boys ---so I am on a new kick to find Dale baby girl sweaters and dresses and they will be coming along in the future!
My vertigo is still keeping me from driving for very long so I totally missed the Korner Knitter's biannual 25% off sale! My favorite yarn store, Korner Knitters in Standish, Maine has the greatest selection of yarns and the nicest yarn gals you would ever want to meet. Maybe by October, I will be able to drive an hour to get there for their next sale! In the mean time, I continue my yarn diet - I have refrained from yarn stashing (except for one lonely ball that I needed to finish a project) since mid December! I think that hubby will just have to take me yarn shopping soon - Enough is Enough!!!!!