Thursday, May 31, 2007


What looked so hard was OH so easy! These are Jaywalkers socks by Grumperina. I saw these socks on several blogs and just had to make them. They looked so hard that I wasn't sure I could do them justice but they turned out to be really easy.
Regia sock yarn, knitted on size one needles proved to be a perfect match for these cute socks.
If you want this free pattern go to Thanks for the free pattern and the loads of fun knitting these Grumperina!

Friday, May 25, 2007

FLOWERS FOR BABY............

Sometimes, I see a blog or pattern and nothing can stop me from putting down every other project and just knit up the most gorgeous things! I stopped over on Zonda's blog one day and caught a glimpse of this beautiful baby blanket - I was on a mission. Dawn Brocco's Flower Baby Blanket just had to be made for the grandbaby trousseau. Can't you just see this wrapped around a beautiful baby girl? I sure can.
I copied Zonda and made it out of Lion Cotton Ease Yarn (rather than the wool yarn that it called for) because it would be softer and better to cover baby - no matter what the time of year. It is so soft! Double stranded on size 10.5 needles, the pattern was clear and concise with lots of short rows to produce the perfect petals.
I was very unhappy with Lion's color selection for Cotton Ease because I wanted the bright colors and nothing less. I found a seller on Ebay with enough "Bubble Gum and Lemon " Cotton Ease that I could make this project without worry. Cheap price and low shipping - order and wait. I think it came out great! It still needs to be washed and blocked but I just couldn't wait to show you!

I had enough yarn left over to make a matching hat! HEEHEE! Oh these grandbabies are going to be dressed year round!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

LITTLE BOYS AND DRAGONS.................

I may have gone back to work but I am still knitting away. Working 4 hour shifts leaves me plenty of time for knitting the grandbaby trousseau! What will I do when I get back to full time?
(I won't do housework anymore probably!)This is Dale of Norway NR 163 - pattern16308 from the new Fall Dale Collection.

I just had to knit this dragon! I saw it and knew that a little boy would just freak out over a fire breathing dragon - so size 4T. Made out of Dale Falk yarn on size 4 needles, this was a blast to watch grow off of the needles. The dragon is embroidered on after the sweater is finished and the result is just too cute for words!
I also forgot what it was like to work with a knitting needle larger than a size 1 - Projects actually get big fast when you are using a larger needle! Thank goodness for a little break.

I love the flames!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

IT SEEMS LIKE FOREVER...................

It seems like forever since I have blogged but there is an incredible reason why!I am back to work - 4 hours, 3 times a week!! Can I say YIPPEEEEEEE!!!! For those of you who do not know - I have been having a silent migraine with vertigo for over a year and have been unable to walk across a room without falling. I have tried to stay strong and finally found the right combo of medications and vestibular exercises that allow me to start back to my beloved nursing job!! I have knitted constantly through the last year and it has been my saving grace- when all else failed I had gorgeous yarn and lovely needles to keep me sane. Even though our financial resources were strained, Hubby always took me to yarn stores and let me spend whatever I wanted. He would stand with the basket and say, "You need to get new yarn - find something you like and get to knitting!".
These are my new Fiber Trends Peak Experience Socks. Pattern #AC-49. Made on size 1 needles with Regia Cotton Surf sock yarn, these were a breeze to knit up and have family and friends begging for them for Christmas. I will definitely use this pattern again and again! Sue