Friday, June 04, 2010


I have decided to spend this year working mainly on my sock techniques and using sock yarns that I have never used before. We all get stuck using the same yarns and patterns over and over again - I certainly have.
My family loves my homemade socks and every year they expect socks galore for Christmas! So I have plenty of feet to cover with my sock knitting. There are only so many sweaters and afghans that this family wants or needs - so sock it will be. I am very fortunate that all the women in my family wear a size 10 shoe and all the men wear a 12.5. I knit male or female socks and at Christmas go through my sock stash and decide who gets which socks! So here I go with my experiment and will let you know which books, sock yarn, and needles have made a successful or unsuccessful pair of socks!