Wednesday, March 19, 2008


We still have tons of snow here in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire - some of the snow banks in our front yard are over 10 feet high! All this snow has left me feeling that spring will never come and feeling like tomorrow is April Fools day instead of the first day of spring!

Girl's Best Friend Anklets from Knit Picks was a great sock to knit. I used Essential yarn from Knit Picks, a smooth rich yarn that was a nice tight guage on size 1 needles. Also a great pick for some plain old straight knitting without having to follow a fancy pattern all the way to the toe.
This picture does not do these gorgeous socks justice. The blue is a deep luxurious steel blue and the pattern is so pretty!

These socks are Fiber Trends Angel's Rest Socks. I used Tofutsies bamboo yarn on size 1 needles. A simple repeat pattern with a fair outcome.
I am not too sure about the bamboo yarn.. I have another skein from a different brand that I am working on right now. I hope they turn out better than these. This bamboo yarn is rough on the hands and not particularly soft to the toes. Oh well - live and learn!

The good old Thuja pattern from made from a KnitPicks yarn for darling son. I made him a great pair for Christmas and gave him directions on how to wash them by hand but somehow they ended up felted after being thrown in with his regular laundry! I finally get him to wear hand made socks and he felts them! Hope he likes these
Okay....... so in the knitting scheme of things I am unable to part with any decent piece of yarn - no matter how small. I was organizing my stash and kept coming across all of these little balls of sock yarn - guess darling grandbabies will have plenty of matching socks with Grandma!! HEE HEE!
These are size 6 months baby socks made from some leftover Lorna's Lace sock yarn. OOOOOH so soft and sweet!
For those of you who have e-mailed me about my lack of posts - I am sorry. My mom suffered a stroke at the end of Janruary and driving back and forth to her Neuro Rehab Center and taking care of her needs has left me without much time for anything except migraines and work. I really should be working on a work related project right now but my head just isn't in the game. No migraine today and it is snowing again - maybe I will stay in my jammies and knit all day!