Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I love the look and style of the 1950-1970's vintage knitting tote's. So much so that my kids are concerned that I am spending all of their inheritance on them (HEE HEE) I search high and low, ebay and yard sales to find these simple little beauties but alas every once in awhile I purchase a true stinker! As is the one on the left. It looks great in the pic but it is water stained, very dirty, and no amount of Febreze will remove the musty smell. I have gotten very good at repairing these gems but have never had the courage to actually take one apart and try to recover it for fear of ruining it. From handles to vinyl repair, some just need a little TLC and some need a true overhaul. This tote is my first attempt at vintage overhaul - unfortunately the thing that I forgot while choosing the fabric, is that one of the reasons that I love these totes is the retro fabrics that cover them. I love the Chinese red but it truly does not fit the classic style. Oh well, I learned a lot about the construction and have a gorgeous little beauty to add back to to my collection!

This tote was $3.99 on Ebay. What a nasty piece! After taking it apart, It is nothing more than heavy cardboard, a piece of vinyl, and some hardware. After reinforcing with much packing tape and some reshaping(and thank goodness for my glue gun!!) - the serious work begins. The fabric is a sewn case which is tightly fitted with a vinyl bottom sewn in. The hardware is reattached and I lined both totes (not the original style). I found some gold buttons at a shop this weekend with a ball of yarn and knitting needles on them. I bought 6 and had no idea what I would do with them. The hardware from this tote was not salvageable - so Voila! the buttons look great in place of the hardware! This second tote overhaul was more challenging but the vintage style fabric is stunning! Don't you think?

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I am a typical Type A Personality and once I make up my mind that I will do something - everyone get out of my way. I had so wanted to make these geometric socks out of Noro Kuryeon that I spent 2 very frustrating days trying to make the GD pattern work. Through bloodied fingertips and multiple handwritten worksheets - the swearing went on. I was determined to make my very own pair. The pattern calls for a size 3 needle - What are you kidding me? Even at a size 5 - that was still way too tight. The pattern was written wrong - so I had to rewrite the whole thing as they left out a few k2tog and ssks.But on the third day of knitting disaster - I had an EPIPHONE!

Not only did these socks not look right but if I finished them, they were going to be so scratchy - I would never wear them. Why would I want to use $25 worth of gorgeous yarn for a pair of socks that would only hold horrible memories of a knitters nightmare and scratch the H.... out of my feet!

Off to the frog pond - Noro safely back to it's original state and I am happy once again. My family will never quite be the same after the melt down that occured during the shredding of the pattern followed by a bonfire of the magazine. I do not have to make something just because I plan to make it. Thankyou Knitting Goddess for the Lesson ---UMMMMMMMMMMM---- Breathe deeply and repeat --- Knitting is fun ---Knitting is relaxing --- I am a good knitter --The designer and pattern writer for this pattern should take a long trip to the woodshed for this one!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


So - I wanted to try out Knitpicks new line of Fall Yarns - I ordered a little bit of everything and am playing with them all. I finished this great little felted Fiber Trends Gelato Bag with Wool of the Andes Bulky in "Impatiens".

This yarn is great! It works up nicelywith 137 yards per skein. Gauge is 3-4 stitches per inch on size 10 - 11 needles. I didn't have a lot of fuzz in the washer or on the bag! YIPPEE!! This is a sample prior to felting. The quality is so good I would not hesitate to knit a bulky sweater out of it either.

A couple of months ago, I went out and bought all the makings for stitch markers but never got around to making any. A friend showed me how to make them this weekend and I have been having a ball playing in beads all week. Hubby came home to a dining room table filled with beading supplies and just rolled his eyes. He simply said, "I guess we will be going to the big city for supplies this weekend?".God bless him!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Morning Glories cover the sides of our 200 year old barn. They begin to bloom in mid August and their colors are just glorious! Just thought I would share my view of the world on an early morning in my garden.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


What a great week for finishing knitting projects! These two are straight off the needles. The Princess sweater above is a size 12 months from the SandnesGarn 0305 book made from Lanett yarn in a bright pink with a crocheted silver crown and trim. I thought that I had forgotten how to crochet but it came back fairly quickly. The lace sleeves and the scalloped edging are the perfect finish for this sweet baby sweater. Hubby thinks that it is toooooooo pink - but I can just see a beautiful baby girl in it!

Some more gorgeous colors with Thuja socks made with Lorna's Lace's Shepard Sport in 100% wool - Purple Iris. Little Knits was having a sale and I just had to indulge and try this yarn. I have a feeling that these will end up under the Christmas tree for Darling Daughter. Every time she visits - I find her caressing them lovingly!
Note to self - This yarn has an incredible softness and must become a regular on the needles!

Monday, August 14, 2006


Mary Ann and Lyndsay -
My best knitting friends!
3 days of pure knitting and heaven sent bliss with 2 of my favorite people!!!! Here they are at Boothbay Harbor!

Thursday morning, Darling Daughter,Lyndsay, and I set off for 3 days of fun in the sun with our best friend Mary Ann. Our knitting bags packed and our spirits high we meandered up Route 1 through the lovely Maine seaports with crystal blue skies and gorgeous ocean views at every turn. What a glorious morning!

We stopped at a gorgeous little knitting shop called the Purple Sheep!

Lyndsay caressed every skein of yarn at the yarn store in Camden, Maine(so did I). Great buys and our stash increased a little. Gorgeous gurnsey gloves will be on the needles shortly.
We arrived in Franklin Maine at about 1:00 and Mary Ann was waiting for us. She was staying at a gorgeous little cabin on the lake. Lots of knitting, good food, Corona's with lime, swimming, fishing, sightseeing, blueberry picking, followed which was topped off with our usual laugh until you drop/pee your pants story telling untill you can't breath sessions. Way too good for my tired soul!

Loons on the lake (as opposed to the loons in the cabin) and the beautiful sights of the ocean. Thanks for your hospitality Mary Ann - Hope we can do it again some time soon!

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Darling Daughter kidnapped me on Tuesday morning and took me off to Portland Maine for a day of Yarn shopping with loads of sales and a night of knitting with my favorite SnB ladies. My vertigo has not improved and the medications make it difficult for me to drive - so this was a heaven sent diversion this week.

Hubby wisked me off on Friday and Saturday for a Yard Sale Marathon. I found these great vintage knitting magazines and books for 10 cents a piece! Great find! The lady that I bought them from used to knit a lot and we both enjoyed talking about knitting. To the left, I found a vintage tape measure and pin cushion in the shape of an iron and one that is made of tin painted brown with compartments for all your notions. Too cute! I also found these size 2 knitting needles by Red Heart (they have red hearts on the tops) to add to my knitting needle collection and a crochet and tatting booklet from the 1950's in pristine condition. My grandmother used to tat. I have her tatting shuttle and some of her lace work - I remember her tatting while she watched tv.

I have been wanting to make these Geometric design socks from Knitter's magazine - Summer edition 2006 since I got the magazine. You can tell that I have been deep in thought over these socks for a while due to the coffee stain on the page!

My daughter managed to get me to the Korner Knitters in Standish Maine (one of my favorite knitting stores in the whole world - HI GUYS!!) before their big sale was over. I got this Noro on sale - 25% off and will be putting it on the needles this week!

I also greatly increased my Dale of Norway Baby Ull stash! (I just love sales!! Darling hubby was awesome about all the bags of yarn that came home with me that night - god bless him! He is going to have a gold halo when he gets to heaven!) All those beautiful colors of merino wool, that wash so well. I found this line of knitting books on line and managed to scoop up a few on Tuesday. They are done in the Norweigian style like the Dale of Norway and the Lanett and Petit Mandarin yarns knit up to the same gauge. I have started one sweater already and they have some great designs! Dragons, fairies, trains, and trucks to name a few - I have found a whole new baby world to knit!
Stay tuned for the Princess Sweater that is just about to come off the needles!! It is so cute - it almost makes me want another baby!