Sunday, May 28, 2006


When I was a little girl, our next door neighbors had huge lilac bushes. My sister, their kids, and I used to play in those lilac groves for hours and we beat a path in amongst them that allowed us to wind our way through. We had different areas with different names and spent hours roaming through them playing games. I can still close my eyes and remember the smell of those sweet flowers. I always felt so safe sitting amongst those lilacs - like no one could hurt me and it was peaceful.
As a grown up, we moved to a house with a few of the old fashioned lilacs that seemed to be mistreated, without much love and attention and little nutrients for them to grow big and flower grandly every spring. My husband is a lovely man - who loves to tend to flowers and bushes. He will move a sapling or small sprig of perrenial 700 times - until he finds the perfect light and soil for it.
He has taught me some of his gardening skills and I am fortunate to have found out that there are more than one kind of lilac! There are single, double, triple petal flowers . There are ton's of colors from mauve, pink, white, yellow, deep purple magenta, and the list goes on. The nurseries claim that there is a blue lilac - but it always looks purple to me.
As my husband and I build a life without small children and move gracefully into those years, you can often find us searching for a new lilac, hosta, or lily. We travel to antique stores, yard sales, nurseries, and flea markets to collect the things we love.
Enjoy the picture and look closely at the blossoms for the subtle differences!

Saturday, May 20, 2006


So, since I am on leave from my job due to a lovely case of vertigo, I have been knitting up a storm! Half finished projects - that needed some courage to complete have been swirling into the FO category!
My hope is to someday be a grammie! I can hardly wait to have little chubby arms to snuggle with - and to smell that sweet aroma of warm baby! Not any time soon but somewhere in the distant future. My oldest daughter and her husband want children in the future and rather than be a harping mother with the age old question - "SO WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO HAVE BABIES?". Instead I have chosen to knit all the baby items I want to and keep my mouth shut! I think that is very grown-up of me - Don't you? (Lyndsay if you read this don't answer that last question please!).

The baby duck sweater is a Dale of Norway pattern and I chose Frog Tree Alpaca for the yarn.

It is so soft - I think I want one for me!

The baby Poncho is a Fiber Trend Pattern made with Encore worsted and JellyBeanz yarn!

Saturday, May 13, 2006


Nicky Epstein's new book - Fabulous Felted Bags. I made a few changes to the size of the bag and the handles but am happy with the outcome!


Knitted with self striping sock yarn! Way too cool - size 1 needles
Frog tree alpaca with a fuzzy knitted brim - Won't she be adorable in this?
Frog tree alpaca in a flame pattern!

Babies first Halloween - The Great Pumpkin!


A Philosopher's wool kit that I bought on line - Came out pretty good for my first fair isle project!


These socks are also from Sensational Knitted Socks - a false cable stitch!

This sock yarn just screamed dress socks for my husband! Size 1 needles (yes - I love him very much) with a cable down each side! Scrumptious Moda Dea Sassy Stripes yarn for hubby - He says the toes and stripes don't match - The problem with self striping yarn!

One of my first pair of socks - Yes, I do have big feet!

i love to make socks!!!! These socks are from Sensational Knitted Socks using KnitPick Parade yarn on size 3 needles!

I have made many more pairs of socks but gave tons away as Christmas gifts! Always a sock on the needle!


Knitted from the book Knitting in the Round